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Linear Temp Sensor, -40 - 150ºC, 1/8" NPT

Linear Temp Sensor, -40 - 150ºC, 1/8" NPT

Autosport Labs

  • $ 59.95

This linear temperature sensor requires no pull-up resistor and has a simple 10mV/C temperature response, great for CAN bus mapping as well as direct sensor integration. 1/8" NPT, Stainless Steel Body 13mm (1/2") hex head and 18" flying leads. Green= Ground; Red=3.5V; Yellow=Signal. Calibration: Linear response 10mV/C; 0.5V@ 0º C. Convenient preset for RaceCapture/Pro inputs or check out the conversion formula in their wiki if you're using AnalogX.

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